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6 months....

This little guy is 6 months.....how.did.that.happen?
My big boy is pumped their is another "eager" model in the house, though my camera is missing him so expect another post with his handsome face soon!

A few for the little miss.......

Last year at this time I was pregnant with Reeves. Little did I know that his arrival and sweet presence would mend a piece of my heart and complete our family in the most perfect way. Feeling so grateful this holiday season, we continue to celebrate Libby by adding a few special ornaments that represent her to the tree. This year Lyrik did the honour of hanging these special touches and it truly melts my heart. Watching him carefully hang them after finding the most perfect spot is extremely special. Feeling so so blessed this Christmas season...xoxo

We love the snow...

We are pretty excited for the holidays this year and are lucky enough to have one more little one with us this Christmas:).

Kaya, Westy & Myla...

Just wrapping up 2013 and capturing some special kids in my life!
Love you three xoxo